Picture of Velcro Curtains for Your Camper Van
In this instructable we will make some curtains for a camper van.

I wanted to use curtains that didnt require a rail system to support the top and bottom as this can interfere with the space inside the van. I therefore opted for some simple  curtains that are velcro-ed in place when required.

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Step 1: Buy the Materials

Picture of Buy the Materials
You will need:

A van
at least 5m of velro with stick hooks and sew loops.  (~$50 in australia!)
Sewable material of your choice (we used a low weight poly cotton blend)
A sewing machine (ours was found on the side of the road).
about 2 hours per curtain (I also learnt to sew in this time)
fabric crayons
tape measure
fabric scissors

Step 2: Mark it Out

Picture of Mark it Out
You will need some help for this one. Lure your girlfriend into your van. Try using chocolate as bait.

Once inside, get her to help you hold the material in place while you mark the edges. An extra set of hands really helps here so if you can get more chocolate, get as many helpers as possible. 

Hold oversized pieces of fabric to the windows and use your helper to support the pieces while you mark out the edges. The photo attached shows how I used the contours of the body panels to define the edge of the curtains. Mark out the curtains the whole way around.

MattC219 days ago

great ible

I was wondering how the adhesive has held up to heat?

maniacse5 months ago

Nice idea for any car.. Thank You!

mgbales1 year ago

Do you get much air through the fabrica? ie screens? Thanks for the wonderful post.


cstewart000 (author)  mgbales6 months ago

Sorry Margret,

Yes there is plenty of air. The weeve is not super tight and there are gaps around the window frames. That said, I would recommend a vent from down low to allow cool air in.

This is a great idea! They look really nice, too. :)
cstewart000 (author)  jessyratfink1 year ago

Thanks Jessy. I wanted to use screw in button studs to give a cabin cruiser look but I was worried about damaging the plastic sills for resale.


Great job! Cant make it tho. As i have no gf! Lol.
cstewart000 (author)  Jack Friday1 year ago

But you have a van? The hard part is done! You dont need to register to have a gf!

eddo6171 year ago

Shirtless at the table with a Beer sewing can it get any better than that, great job man.

cstewart000 (author)  eddo6171 year ago

Thanks mate!

eddo6171 year ago

Great job and very sexy girlfriend by the way, nice job on both..