Step 3: Attach to Dash

Peel off the backing of the loops side of the velcro and attach it to your dash, wherever you feel comfortable. Then you can attach the plexiglass to the dash and attach the suction cup mount to the dash.
<p>Here, I used 3M Mounting Tape (Outdoor) instead. </p><p>But a good idea, the plexiglass made placement of the navigator much more convinient.</p>
<p>Thank you for the clear description. I'll have to alter a thing or two to suit my GPA mounting needs however. My problem is that MY GPS's suction cup won't stay stuck. It came with a pre-stickybacked disk to do the job of the plexiglass, Which I used to mount the GPS on my dash. It hangs in front of one of the AC vents. {keeps the GPS from overheating on hot summer days} It's lower edge touches the dash, which absorbs most of the {&iquest; is torque the right word ?} when my clumsy hand full of thumbs is trying to select a destination from it's menus. That used to be enough to avoid loosening the suction cup. It worked long enough for the summer heat to bake the adhesive holding the disk, which fell off the dash. My solution was to replace the adhesive with a construction grade epoxy. But now, since the not so removable suction cup won't stay stuck, I'm thinking of using velcro to attach the suction cup, to the disk. But I sometimes park in places, where it's not a good idea to leave the GPS visibly attached to an unattended vehicle. And it often happens that &quot;peel &amp; stick&quot; velcro hooks stick to velcro loops better than the &quot;peel &amp; stick adhesives hold onto either surface. So I'm thinking of using the kind of velcro without the sticky back, and some more epoxy... Your design, would have looked better of course. But the disk has already been attached with epoxy.</p>
I've been looking for simple ideas for mounting my GPS for a while. Although it is legal to mount items on windscreens here in New Zealand, my windscreen is a bit too far away to be able to reach my GPS when it is mounted there. This is the simplist, most suitable alternative I've seen.
I'm also from MN, and I believe the law was actually changed somewhat recently. So, it is ok to have it mounted on the windshield in MN. I've had a GPS mounted even before then, and have never been stopped for it.
haha nice, I just checked that out, and I guess it is legal again

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