Introduction: Velcro Your External Hard Drive to Laptop

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Much easier if you want to sit in just a chair. Or for moving from room to room. Its velcro so its easy to swap things too!

Step 1: Just Velcro!

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:warning: use a hard drive that is designed to withstand movement. From my understanding some older externals get damaged easily if they are moved while powered. An SSD would be perfect but i have an SSHD so i guess its half ok :P

Apply sticky industrial strength velcro to a corner of the top of your laptop screen so that when closed is close to the desired usb port. I like to apply the fluffy side on the Hard drive and the the clinging side on the roof of the laptop since the clingy side has a cleaner look.

Step 2: Done

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Now you can sit in a chair and not worry about where to put an external. :)

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tomatoskins (author)2015-09-08

That looks great! Simple way to solve a common problem!

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