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Introduction: Velociraptor Statue and T-Rex Head

About: I've been making movies as a hobby for nearly 8 years now, and I've always enjoyed the fantastical and imaginative. I occasionally take on the challenge of trying to construct some recreations.

This is a full-size Velociraptor statue (modeled after the Jurassic Park version) I made mostly out of foam boards, plaster strips, and spray paint. I had first made a T-rex head with a similar method. It was with this rex head that I began to experiment and refine how to make statues like this.

The process of making a statue like this is exhibited in another instructable (an Alien Queen), but in short, this is the process:

I made a skeleton/frame out of foam boards, cut up into various shapes and hot-glued together to fill out the basic shape. That frame was then covered with tape to fill out the shape. I then put on a layer or two of plaster strips, dipped in water and then laid on top. After it dried, I smoothed it out a bit with some plaster (of Paris) mixed with water to a thick milky consistency painted on top.

A few extra details: the areas around the eyes were shaped with some clay on top, the claws and teeth made out of clay, and the eyeballs a half of a ping pong ball. Then spray painted the whole thing. A support stand was made out of foam board.

The whole thing was 6 feet long and weighed about 12 pounds. Estimated budget of about $25 (most of that going to plaster strips and foam boards).

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Ok so I'm working on a similar project inspired by this.i have more coating to do and painting. There are games and the lights change colors and the Dino talks through a speaker. This was requested by a grandma for her grand son to me:)

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Did you think about adding weights into the tail to make it stand upright or putting it on a stand so it didn't appear supported?

I love this work, I might one day try making my own and I just have to add my favorit quote.

Clever girl...

This is soooooooooooooooo cool!!!!!! Could you possibly make some kind of templates for the skeleton???

Raptor Jesus would approve.

Great job!
It's such a pleasant surprise to see this as I currently have an Allosaurus on the go.
I'm impressed with how light you were able to make it. I wouldn't have thought the foam core would be enough to support the tail and neck (which is why my dino has a pvc pipe frame).

Cool. Looks good. My only criticism would be the support block placed under the chest. Seems like putting it on some kind of base or a simple skeleton of pvc or something similar that would support it would look better in the long run. All in all though a fantastic model.

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I had initially put some small dowels off of the elbows (you can see them in the pics of the earlier stages), but they weren't strong enough. Had I reinforced them, or used thicker dowels, it would have worked better.

ive always wanted to make something similar to the velociraptor. using a cardboard skeleton type design and then fleshing it out. seeing how well yours came out is encouraging. might just have to make something for halloween now :)

i'm a pedant, so i have to say this....Velociraptors were about the size of beagles (give or take a few centimeters)

other than that...good job!

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Yeah, it's a happy medium between the Deinonychus size from the movie and the actual tiny size.

LOL! The Velociraptor in that pose is the scariest thing in Jurassic Park and I used to harass my ex by doing a "raptor attack"... cos you know... that's what you do in loving relationships... Ahhh, memories...