Introduction: Velociraptor

 伶盜龍  (velociraptor) This is the seventh knife I made, and probably my favorite.  I liked how it turned out and it took me about 27 hours to make.

It is made with 1/8" steel salvaged from industrial shelf brackets.  The blade is 9 1/2" long with an overall length of 15".  I did some milling of holes in the blade, which I took a liking to and did it with several of my knives after.

After making this knife I noticed that I was making left handed knifes(being left handed myself it did not strike me until this point) and thereafter started making right handed knifes.



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    It is all according to the side of the top swag edge that is beveled.

    Do you just mean to contour the handle accordingly? I'm sorry I don't really get your explanation... all of my knives are rounded equally (for the most part)

    If you lay a bowie type knife down with the handle to your right and the blade to your left, on the spine of the blade toward the tip it is usually tapered on that side of the blade. When I started making knives I was tapering the opposite side.

    So how did you make it ? Step by step, with pictures please!

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    unfortunately I cannot provide pictures, but I will try to provide step by step sometime...............if you take a look at Holy Moly, you can get most of the steps, except for the steel hooks on the handles, and I believe I polished the steel to at least 600 grit . Plus if you look at my making a wooden sheath you can get the steps for the sheath.

    So where is the picture from, provide more with description of steps!

    This is the seventh knife I made over a year ago. It is still in my possession, as I really do not want to let it go (unless I am made an offer I cannot refuse). So I cannot take pictures of making it from the beginning, but given time I can provide you with step by step instructions, with maybe a few drawings.

    Then how do we see some pics. ?

    I guess the same way you would provide step by step pictures of the Zombie Stoppers and Choppers you have already made.

    This thing is awesome, should try a custom kydex sheath instead of the clunky old wood one.

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    I have done a bit of research on kydex sheaths, but have yet to try one. Thanks for the input, and your support

    Thanks, I am kicking around a similar type of knife, but have as yet not set it to paper.

    & this is the patch is sent ya(figured out you won't be able to see it clearly in the patch)


    Thank you it is my favorite knife, one I will not part with