I have seen other craft vendors wearing these cute little half aprons at shows and have been wanting one. But I didn't want to pay a lot for it nor spend hours creating one. After some thrift store wanderings, I came up with this pillowcase apron.

Step 1: Cut the Pillowcase

Start by cutting the bottom 10" or so off the bottom (closed end).
<p>Nice idea you've got here. I'd recommend moving the overview diagram to the first step, so that people can have an easier idea of where you're going with it earlier, saves scrolling back and forth.<br><br>If you're going to fold over the newly cut side twice, why do you cut it in the first place? Because three folds would be too thick?<br><br>Though if you're going to cut it anyway, you could use the cut off bit for the ties instead of a ribbon.</p>
Thanks so much for sharing! I will post a pic when I've finished!
Great idea with the pillow case. I never thought of a pillowcase. I crochet rag rugs so I use pillow cases for ripping. My bad. I read that you are thinking about starting a craft business...I would like to check out your site. Thanxx.
Hey Sandy-<br><br>Thanks for the comment! Rag rugs also sound cool. I bet they are fun to make.<br><br>You can see my shop here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/ABirdInTheHandArt<br>And my blog here: http://abirdinthehandart.blogspot.com/
i love it.. thank you
Very cute!

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