This is a simple tutorial on laminating fancy veneers to a substrate material.

Tools needed:

Thin Air Press vacuum bag (26" x 28" bag used in this tutorial)
**comes with hand pump and breather netting

Sharp utility knife

Glue roller

Heavy straight edge

Masking tape

Paper template

Materials needed:

Solid substrate (plywood, mdf, particle board, solid wood, etc)


Step 1: Paper Template

I did a search on the internet for GRAPH PAPER and found this site: Online Graph Paper and used a layout there called Polar. I copied this to the largest sheet of paper my printer could handle. Once printed, I accurately cut out one slice of the printed template. For this project I used 12 cutout veneer pieces. You may choose to do more or less depending upon your design.

Depending on how many of these you're wanting to make, and the variety of wood vaneer you want, you might want to try a local antique refinisher,they usualy keep a stock of many wood vaneers, and it'd be cheaper than buying a bunch of vaneer you might not ever use. you also might get them to let you use some clamps and plywood, instead of using a vacuum bag.
Using the vacuum bag for this kind of project is ideal because of the even clamping pressure applied to the whole surface of the veneer. The clear vinyl also allows you to see your project as it is being laminated, which can help if you notice any bubbling or problems. I can always make use of extra veneers too! haha
I love the way that looks! Very cool :)
Thanks. I've been considering a veneered solution for my gametable. I'll try this.
I am going to post one about laminating a chess board table top as well!

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