Venezia Napkin Rings





Introduction: Venezia Napkin Rings

These are knitted wire and bead napkin rings I made for my family for Christmas. I made three different sets on 30 gauge wire and about 95 beads on each.
Made from Knitty's pattern. pattern

Step 1: Beginning to Knit

I strung the beads onto the wire before beginning to knit. There were 7 stitches and two beads in each row.

Step 2: A Close-up of the Beginning

This is a close up of the first few rows of my napkin ring.

Step 3: Beginning to Put It Together

After the knitting is finished, I sewed the short ends together so no stitches fell out.

Step 4: Making the Knit Tube

After the short ends are sewed together with wire, I use a long length of wire to sew the long ends together to form the tube. You can see the difference between the finished product (on the right) and the band (on the left).

Step 5: One Set of Finished Napkin Rings

This is one of the three sets of finished products.

Step 6: All Done!

Here are all three sets of napkin rings!



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    12 Discussions

    Aah! I have those beads! Great instructable--I was thinking about doing something like this for a bracelet. I'm more of a crocheter, though.

    I made some of these for my mom a few years ago when she remodeled her kitchen. However, I just used a crochet hook, and they took about ten minutes each--yours are much more elaborate and detailed, though!

    Very pretty. I don't understand the last part where you insert the long wire. Can you explain it to me again please. You did a beautiful job! Oh yes, I sharpen the ends of bamboo chopsticks to make nice light weight knitting needles-they come with a chinese dinner, so why not recycle them?

    I made these for a present and they turned out great. Thanks for posting.

    I knit 7 sts on 35 rows. I think this pictures is on its side. I will have to fix that. Thanks!

    How many rows do you knit? It looks like the last picture is upside down. These are very, very pretty. Thanks for the Instructable.

    I practiced first and bought a few different gauges of wire to see which I liked the best. 32 gauge was much easier to work with, but the rings were too soft and bent easily. 26 gauge was way too difficult. And my local craft store didn't have 28. After the first one or two it got much easier and each took less than an hour (while watching TV) to complete. My only suggestion is to make sure that you have enough wire on your spool to make a whole napkin ring! Each of my spools made 3.

    Those are so cool!
    I'm definitely going to try them. Any advice on wire-handling?

    Those are *awesome* How hard is it to knit with wire like that?