Venison Burgers




Introduction: Venison Burgers

Bambi Burgers!

But seriously, venison burgers are quite tasty, and because of the lean meat, more healthy. So, come along and I'll walk you through a simple venison burger recipe.

Step 1: What You Need

Venison (I used 2 LBs for a family meal)
Bacon (optional, but tasty)
Cheese (unpictured here, but I used some homemade goat mozzerella)
and other stuff (mayo, barbecue sauce, etc.)

Step 2: Bacon First

When I put bacon on my burgers I go ahead and cook it first, that way I can put some of the grease from it in the venison to make the burgers a bit tastier. But the burgers are just as good (and healthier) without it, so you can go your own way.

Step 3: Makin Patties

For my patties, I take the meat, and mix in some grease (not much, maybe a third cup at most), then some texas pete, pepper, and garlic powder.

But my dad doesn't mix anything in, just sprinkles pepper, garlic and salt on while grilling. It's all preference.

Then you go ahead and form your patties, the size I did mine, I got 7 out of 2 Lbs, but once again, it's all preference.

Lastly, you toss them on the grill, I went with medium well for mine.

Step 4: Serving

For the supper, the burgers were served with oven fries and homemade maple baked beans. Quite tasty, even bambi lovers have to admit that.



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OMG... looks yummy! I'd definitely EAT THAT... all of it!!!