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Introduction: Vent Safe

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If you are looking for a safe place to hide your most valuable belongings, I recommend finding a vent in a random place in your house, where no one would even think to check for your stuff. Why buy a safe when you can just use your surroundings?

Step 1: Find a Vent

This is very straight forward, but find a vent in a low traffic area of your living quarters.... You may need a screwdriver to take it off.

Step 2: Hide Your Stuff!!!

Put your most valuable items in your vent. Now your stuff is safe!!!



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    Line the backside of the grille with black screen door screen and it will keep the shadow of items behind it from showing.

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    You can't see to the other side.

    Josiah, not all vents are created equal. Cheap ones have less metal louver and can allow light to get into the vent area. I can see a shadow in mine!

    It depends on the room. You are making a general statement for every room.

    Reason being that there is no light coming from the vent. It's for air conditioning.

    I do construction work and know there is no light in the vent. You will still have some shadowing in certain light (of the room) at certain angles to the vent. Somebody hiding something shiny will also reflect light. I've personally have seen it doing service calls.

    If you do construction work, then you would know that the grille points down and outward. Therefore, there is no light, and is not see though. There is no need for any of your advice, for it is useless to me. So please stop saying stuff with no meaning. The fact is that it is impossible to see through this vent, even with a flash light.

    NO!!, this is what I was going to do : )

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    Sorry bro! I do this all the time!