Vent Your Fuel Can





Introduction: Vent Your Fuel Can

This vent will allow your fuel to flow quick from your gas can.

Step 1: Choose Drill Size

Use a slick type of wire nut. You may have to cut a rib down to make it round. The drill size should make the hole the diameter about half way up the wire nut so it can fit snug.

Step 2: Bevel the Hole

With a sharp knife slightly bevel the hole.

Step 3: Drill Through the Wire Nut

Use a #12 wire and choose a drill bit just slightly larger than the wire to drill a hole through the wire nut so the wire can fit into the hole.

Step 4: Insert Wire

Insert the wire into the hole in the wire nut and bend the end sticking out of the end of the wire nut an out 1in from the end over 90 degrees. The other end bend about 3/8 in from the end crimping it tightly against itself. Push inside the wire nut and screw the nut on the wire enough that it will stay.

Step 5: Final Step

Insert the long end of the wire with the 1in bend into the hole and push the wire nut snugly into the hole. fill the wire nut with silicone and let dry. It is ready.



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    Even with the 'self venting' nozzles, this is a clever and practical enhancement.

    Okay... I am confused...

    Did your fuel can not come with a vent already?

    Is there not a built-in vent system within the spout?

    No vent hole installed and the new style, green, eco, spouts spill gas almost every time. They are not vented well enough and take a long time to pour fuel.

    Clever hack. Do you ever have problems with gas splashing out through the hole.

    I've only used it once and no gas spilled. You do have to go slow at first.