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Introduction: Ventus - K'nex Eurofighter

About: Hi! I'm Ruben, better known as RNB. I'm a student Mechanical Engineering and hence like to build contraptions related to that. I mostly make use of K'nex, which is convenient to use since it is easy to desig...
This is my new K'nex coaster, Ventus.

The Ventus were the Greek Gods of wind, which is the style this coaster has.
Within 3 months I builded this coaster, which is an Eurofighter with many crazy elements. It has some 'original' elements, new style elements and own elements. This is one of the first Micro K'nex coasters to feature full theming. 
  • 97* drop
  • Dog Tongue
  • 2 airhills
  • Turnaround
  • Hearthline roll
  • Many turns
Have fun watching the video!

Want to see how I builded this coaster, more detailed description and things like the initially planned layout? Check out my Blog



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    43 Discussions

    Well built.

    Very nice job.

    Hi there, I saw this and now I really want to build it, so would you happen to know roughly what micro k'nex peices you used so I can buy the right amount? Cheers!! And great work :D

    How did you get the micro to hold up so well??!

    I'm so sorry I meant shopbot and Safari autocorrected on me :) it's right under the contests tab

    Can you connect more than one roller coaster car together?

    I can't, since that contest started after my coaster was published.

    Very annoyingly... The turn uses up too much speed... I will be posting an update tonight.

    Nice I'm not much of a micro knex fan but when I see stuff like this built out of it it's amazing. Great job :)