video Ventus - K'nex Eurofighter
This is my new K'nex coaster, Ventus.

The Ventus were the Greek Gods of wind, which is the style this coaster has.
Within 3 months I builded this coaster, which is an Eurofighter with many crazy elements. It has some 'original' elements, new style elements and own elements. This is one of the first Micro K'nex coasters to feature full theming. 
  • 97* drop
  • Dog Tongue
  • 2 airhills
  • Turnaround
  • Hearthline roll
  • Many turns
Have fun watching the video!

Want to see how I builded this coaster, more detailed description and things like the initially planned layout? Check out my Blog
www1391 month ago

How did you get the micro to hold up so well??!

spazgadget2 years ago
Sorry, had to do this:
RNB (author)  spazgadget2 years ago
Very cool!
owlcat2 years ago
Submit this for the showboat contest
RNB (author)  owlcat2 years ago
Where can I find that contest?
owlcat RNB2 years ago
I'm so sorry I meant shopbot and Safari autocorrected on me :) it's right under the contests tab
KneXtreme2 years ago
Can you connect more than one roller coaster car together?
KneXtreme2 years ago
You should enter your coaster in the toy challenge
RNB (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
I can't, since that contest started after my coaster was published.
KneXtreme RNB2 years ago
That stinks :(
Tornado962 years ago
Already saw this on SScoasters but still EPIC! Very well Done mate!
RNB (author)  Tornado962 years ago
Thanks! How's Superman Escape going?
Tornado96 RNB2 years ago
Very annoyingly... The turn uses up too much speed... I will be posting an update tonight.
KneXtreme2 years ago
Nice I'm not much of a micro knex fan but when I see stuff like this built out of it it's amazing. Great job :)
RNB (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
Try micro out once, it's pretty good! (and saves storage space :P )
KneXtreme RNB2 years ago
Maybe, but I've herd it's not structurally strong.
RNB (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
True, but if you make good supports (like these tubes), and add a lot of cross-braces it's strong enough, since the cars are not heavy too.
Sorunome2 years ago
Nice coaster! Maybe I should build some day a coaster... :)
RNB (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
You SHOULD do that!
Sorunome RNB2 years ago
Just a big problem is, that I don't have much roller-coaster stuff....
RNB (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
Micro track is not that expensive. You can buy some.
Sorunome RNB2 years ago
But the problem is: I don't even have one single micro knex piece! :P
RNB (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
Get some. Search Ebay :)
Sorunome RNB2 years ago
Well, I heared a lot of bad stuff about micro pieces, that they are money not worth etc. and I needed anyway a lot of normal pieces for catastropha, and I don't know if I have enouth even yet....and I want to buy me a laptop, so I don't think that I'm able to spend money on them atm, sorry... :(
RNB (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
:( Micro K'nex isn't that bad, you just need to learn how to handle it.
Sorunome RNB2 years ago
Oh, ok. But another reason why I think I don't buy micro knex is that i'm going in half a year for a year to the us, of cource without knex :P
RNB (author)  Sorunome2 years ago
WITHOUT KNEX??? You wan't survive!
Sorunome RNB2 years ago
Lol, I try to :P
martijnb952 years ago
cool coaster, i like how solid it is. :)
RNB (author)  martijnb952 years ago
KneXtreme2 years ago
Voted :)
RNB (author)  KneXtreme2 years ago
Cool! Im a fan of the station/boardwalk.
Very good job!
Very nice construction :-D

Great video work too. I'm not much of a coaster guy, but I like this on a lot.
RNB (author)  I_am_Canadian2 years ago
ninjanody2 years ago
your coaster rocks...nice work...