Step 2: Dismantling the monitor stand

The monitors I have didn't have any mounting points for a bracket so I had to dismantle the stands and adapt them to be mounted.

The stands came away from the monitors by pushing a button and sliding them out. The stands them self consisted of a galvanised metal frame encased in a plastic faring. This was removed by unscrewing the screws with a philips screwdriver and levering the plastic away with a flat head screwdriver shown in the photos.

Once the plastic casing was removed I was left with a pivotal metal mount that could be adapted.

The parts that I removed were not used but the screws and bolts removed were stored as they could be useful for another project.
Only issue I have with the design is that to two outer monitors are at a different height form the center, not sure about you but this would drive me nuts. Overall a good design.
I would have mounted the brackets a bit differently to allow for them to be the same level.