Step 5: Main centre mount

As before I measured and marked the centre and ends to be drilled. Once marked I drilled 8 mm holes as before.

When duplicating the three pieces for the main centre mount I found the easiest was to use the original piece as a template and take sizes from it.

Once you have the 2 side hinges constructed and the 2 centre mounted pieces, they can be bolted together in a sandwich construction. Note: at this point I turned the centre mounting bracket upside down to make the monitors sit level once constructed.

As before with the side brackets I used a coach bolt in the bottom piece with a washer, a nut and then the bracket. After the bracket another washer and the final piece of wood is screwed on the top with a washer and wing nut. The side hinges are attached in the same way.

This completes the hinged hanging bracket.