Step 6: Main stand

Picture of Main stand
The main picture shows the parts needed to construct the actuating frame. As the process is repetitive I will give a brief explanation of the sizes and general direction.

For the sizes of the 4 long slats that act as the riser I sat at my desk with a tape measure and made my best judgement of the optimum height that would work in this particular situation. As before, this was not predetermined and was decided upon during construction. The size I chose for the long vertical slats was 500 mm end to end. On each end I measured 30 mm in and 30 mm across to make the holes necessary for the bolts to make the pivot holes.

There are 2 chassis consisting of three pieces of wood screwed in a U shape, one at the bottom bolted to the desk, and one at the top to hang the hinged hanging bracket (this is the longest one on the right).

The bottom chassis that bolts to the desk is 200 mm long and the top hanging chassis is 280 mm long.