Step 7: Base

The three 200 mm pieces as mention in the previous step are shown in the main picture. Like the main 500 mm vertical slats I measured in 30 mm and across 30 mm at each end  of the outside parts to mark and drill 8 mm holes suitable for the pivot bolts. The centre piece has 2 x 8 mm holes positioned further to the back that will be used to bolt it to the desk. **Please ignore the slots cut into the 2 outside pieces this was an iteration**

This part was fixed together with the wood screws. I held one of the outside pieces along the edge to mark where the screws were needed. Using this as a guide I marked screw positions roughly 25 mm apart. I tried to fit as many screws on as possible without sacrificing strength. Each hole was countersunk using a 3 mm drill bit before being screwed together.

Note: In the picture I have inserted the coach bolts for the vertical frame before screwing it together as there is no way to insert them when it is constructed.

The final part of the base is a square off cut of wood 60 mm by 60 mm screwed on with 6 screws marked out in the same way as above. This is for the elastic tubing to wrap around.

The base can now be situated on the desk, holes marked and drilled. It is fixed using 2 x M 8 coach bolts with washers as before. Make sure at this stage you horse the wing nuts or bolts right up as the whole weight of the rig and your monitors are held by these bolts.