Vermicompost Worm Sorting Machine


Introduction: Vermicompost Worm Sorting Machine

Every year we sort, by hand, thousands of worms and night crawlers for our fishing bait business. This year, I decided it is going to be the year we save our backs and hands.

The machine is fairly simple in construction. There is a box that has two different sized mesh wires in the bottom. The wire meshed box slides on a couple of rails on another box.

Tilted at a slight angle allows for the worms and castings to flow to their appropriate containers.

The power and brains of this operation is all done with a Harbor Freight saber saw I picked up for $30 USD. I needed to reinforce the blade with a piece of steel to keep it from breaking. I had cut a piece of steel shelf bracket I had laying around and clamped to the blade using a C-clamps and clamped to the wire mesh box.

More details to follow. Thank you for looking!!



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    Very clever. I bet it saved you a ton of time!