Introduction: Vermiponic Water Bottle Experiment

A quick experiment about growing with vermiponics in a water bottle.

Vermiponics is the combination of vermiculture (raising worms) with hydroponics.

Step 1: Cut a Plastic Water Bottle in Half and Some Lengths of String

The string should be long enough to reach the water level of your wormbin leachate.

Step 2: Place the Strings Inside the Top of the Bottle and Add Perlite to the Top

Some perlite might fall through the first time but eventually it should settle into place.

Step 3: Add Your Plant to the Top of the Water Bottle

Be careful as always not to break the roots of the seedling.

Step 4: Place the Top of the Bottle Into the Bottom of the Bottle and Add Your Seedling

Then cover the seedling with more perlite.

Step 5: Fill the Water Bottle With Wormbin Leachate

Step 6: Place in the Sun

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DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-10-10

Great idea. I wonder if you could scale this up to larger plants and containers.


Thanks! I think so but I have heard that sometimes "wicking method hydroponics" doesn't work that well for heavy-feeding plants like tomatoes. I think it could work but it would probably depend on the number and quality of the wicks/ropes.


Yeah. It probably depends on a lot of factors like root depth, distance between containers, water demand and a lot of other things. Trial and error is probably the easiest way to figure it out.


Btw - I'd say that it definitely scales up to larger containers, the lettuce I've got going in my self-watering wicking bed seems to be doing pretty well

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Bio: I'm into tinkering and vermiponics which is like aquaponics but without fish.
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