Let's look at how to collect data from Vernier educational sensors using an Arduino-compatible microcontroller development board.

If you just need to interface one probe with a computer and want everything to work, you should probably buy a Vernier Go!Link, but I was looking for something a little less expensive and more DIY.

Step 1: Required Materials

I played around with the TI MSP430 LaunchPad for a while, since it is only $4.30, but it's not quite as beginner-friendly as the Arduino . I eventually settled on the Arduino-compatible Teensy for its low price ($16) and small size.

For testing I used the TI Light Probe , since it was handy and I could test the sensor output by pointing it at the window or covering it with my hand, but this should work with any analog Vernier sensors .

You'll also need some short wires and perhaps a breadboard. A BT631A jack also makes things easier.

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