Introduction: Vernier Caliper Case

Picture of Vernier Caliper Case
  • plexiglass 2.8 mm
  • MDF 3mm

Step 1: 3d Models

Picture of 3d Models

Step 2: Laser Cut

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plexiglass 2.8mm

Step 3: Assembled With Bolts

Picture of Assembled With Bolts

M 3*15

Step 4: Done

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maryamjoon (author)2015-07-07

bravo that's perfect and beautiful. be succeed my dear.

arsham92 (author)maryamjoon2015-07-18

I love Iranian people

We are everywhere

and we are ultimate...


m132 (author)maryamjoon2015-07-07


tomatoskins (author)2015-07-07

This is an amazing idea! My calipers are just sitting in the case they came with. Very boring compaired to your awesome work!

m132 (author)tomatoskins2015-07-07

thank you.

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