Can art has been a fascination of mine because it's amazing what people can create from a soda can.  Coca-Cola is pretty major in my home state, Tennessee, and you can find soda can roofing on bird houses, wind vanes, and all sorts.

Also, I'm a soda fiend and generally don't drink much coffee or tea which means a lot of my caffeine comes from caffeinated sodas.  Consequently, there are always aluminum cans at my house which my husband is now collecting to make big bucks or something.

This Instructable shows to make a flower that can be used as yard art, a present decoration, or a seed packet (or small gift box).  The materials are inexpensive and common in many households, and there are minimal skills necessary.

Step 1: Materials

You will need the following for all projects:
  • Soda Can (cleaned and dried)
  • Spray Paint
  • Scissors (that you don't care about)
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Cotton Ball

For a yard art flower, you will additionally need:
  • Glue Gun
  • Metal Rod

For a present decoration flower, you willadditionally need:
  • Ribbon
  • Wrapped Present

For a seed packet, you will additionally need:
  • Seed
  • Gift Tag with String
Have you tried soup cans making the flower spin on the rod for your front yard <br />
do they spin? or are they just stable?
Fab idea AR I will make some if these for my garden for sure. Great stuff :-)
how did you do your paint technique? i absolutely LOVE it.
Thanks again! I describe the process in Step 4. You have to be quick and have the paint ready to go when you're trying to blend the colors because spray paint dries quickly. If it doesn't work the first time, let it dry and repeat with a second coat. If you aren't all that great at spray painting, practice the technique following the directions on the can. Smooth, even, and don't gob the paint or else you'll get runs. Patience (and multiple coats plus dry time between) is key. It also helps if it's a warm, dry day.
Did this the other night, although not yet painted. LOVE it. Easy peasy, and not as sharp as you'd think. Tried curling them but not a fan, i like them best flat like you have them. Nice.
Thanks! And you're right - it's not really sharp. Once it's painted, the edges are very smooth. I curled the tips just a bit, but I didn't curl them to form a loop. Just slightly to make it look more natural.
Very cool, and nice-looking too. Between this and the pop tab chainmaille, it almost makes me wish I drank soda in cans (usually I just stick a krazy straw into a 2-liter and call it good). I'm totally voting for this one.
Thanks, hon! How do you keep a 2L cold for that long?
Cold soda is for the weak! Bwahahahahahaha! ;-)
Very nice! Will vote!
I like the way you have the colours bleeding together, nicely done!
Thanks! I think the bleeding colors adds dimension.
im impressed, this gives a pretty nice-looking result. awesome repurposement!
Thanks! It looks quite bad until the petals are formed and the paint goes on. If you can keep the faith till the end, you'll be pleased. I've been making these for over a year, and it consistently works.

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