The idea was conceived after having faced the conundrum of not knowing what I was going to do with my old cards. Anything can be applied, it does not have to be related to what I used. Magazine cutouts, fruit, pets, cars, family photos.

Step 1: Preparations and Avoiding Mistakes

Several bad things happened while making this. The first was having inadequately measured a sheet of plexiglass, and as a result needing to combine another kind of material. If this happens, measure a second but make sure it is the same thickness and dimensions as the larger one you were working with.

Gather the cards you will need, arranging them wisely, in a way that you like. Write all of the things mentioned on paper for when you are at the hardware store.

To secure the playing cards, use a roll of transparent tape. Although it ended up not being the best decision, I also used Scotch Super Glue to secure the glass. It seeped on to a lot of different areas, including the cards, and as a result left a splotchy mess. I solved this by applying permanent marker, and packaging tape. When something similar happens it is particularly noticeable if the primary material is transparent.

Tip: It may be worth the effort to apply red plexiglass, or another color, all of which can be ordered online from places like http://www.professionalplastics.com

"Magic", "Dragon Ball", "Pok'e Mon", and "World of Warcraft" were what I had to work with .. But wanted to add "Yu-Gi-Oh!". A table like this is a good conversation starter.

You can use this contraption for video games, card games (highly recommended with large place mats) , as a night stand, miniatures, or anything else your mind can conceive of.

Step 2: Deciding What It Will Be Used For

<p>Turned out looking great! </p>

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