This is the Versi-SURGE™ Dynamic Power Management system. Watch the video to see how this simple device could impact your life and save both your money and the environment.
In response to tgferreira184: <br>&quot;How much would a system like this cost?&quot; <br> <br>Considering the cost of higher-end power strips which do not have special features, as well as the real possibility of using eco-friendly, recycled materials for its manufacture, it is likely that the system could be sold for a price not far from $50 per unit. This is not much more expensive than your average normal power strip, and you could easily save twice that per month on your power bill, or even more. <br> <br>(For some reason, the CAPTCHA does not show up for reply comments on my computer, and I therefore could not reply with this.)
How much would a system like this costs?
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