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ac1D (author)2008-03-21

beautiful, you have draw a computer on paint. tough, the mouse miss a wheel, the keyboard miss the keypad, the screen miss a stand, and there is no computer case. congrat. On a more serious tough, can I know why you posted that ?

Undergroundoga (author)ac1D2008-03-21

I Had to finish quickly. so i did didn't have enough time.thnx anyways!

ac1D (author)Undergroundoga2008-03-21

vegas ftw. now get photoshop :)

omnibot (author)ac1D2008-10-19

Nah, needs GIMP or Inkscape.

Undergroundoga (author)ac1D2008-03-28

I have photoshop though, i was in a rush so i used the quicker, more easirer on the ram, stupider but, extremely useful mspaint!

GorillazMiko (author)ac1D2008-03-22

Photoshop, yayyyyy!

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