Introduction: Vertical Blind Hack

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I hate vertical blinds!!!!! I rent, and I know how expensive this window treatment is. When I moved into this house it had 6 windows that were suffering from broken slats and missing pegs. There had to be a way to fix this without a huge expense on either my or the landlords part.

Step 1: Drapery Clips to the Rescue!

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I found these clips at Walmart (also available at Ikea, JoAnns or other craft or home stores roughly 6.99-9.99).

"Close" your blinds using the pull.

I removed the slats and popped the ring into the peg. Clip the drape to the clamp.

When drapes are closed they will lay flat.

Step 2: Criss Cross the Center Hooks

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This allows no gap and helps it lay flat plus it will fold back onto its self when open.

Step 3: Open Your Drapes!

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Push them open and they allow for light and also fold back on themselves nicely.

Add a valance using my PVC Curtain Rods and you will have some elegant classy window treatments.

Guests have thought I paid for a designer and spent alot of money on my windows. Even the landlord is considering swapping this for all his rental properties!

NOTE: I saved what slats I could to replace when I leave.


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