Step 8: Some tips for the pro's

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- use perennials: planting new plants each year will wear down the garden faster and you will need some plants to stay into the garden to keep the earth alive over winter.

- I put tomato plants (I know, not perennials) the first two years and they did extremely well. The second year it was harder to put the plants in because the earth had dried out over winter.

- I've just build my second vertical garden and because dehydration is a problem I will build in some 'irrigation': a waterhose with small holes in it that can be used to water the garden from the inside.

- cover the top of the garden with some straw or other type of mulch, to prevent dehydration form the top. Also this will slowly decay and work as compost.
wapatterson4 years ago
I thing you would get a better spread of water inside if you used a "soaker hose" they are pretty cheap and work really well with gardens.