Step 6: Filling the Liner

Materials needed for this step: Gravel, Soil, Water, Plants, and Cutting Utensils.

The first 1/4th to 1/3rd of the liner should be filled with gravel. This gives excess water somewhere to sit so the plants do not drown.

The planter should be filled up to 3/4 with soil. there needs to be enough room to plant the seedlings.

Place the seedlings into the planter and fill soil around the sides. Pat the soil down a bit. Try not to compact the soil down too tightly. Water the soil and plant and fill in more soil as needed until the soil is level to the base of the plant.

Lastly, we can trim the liner so that there isn't any excess sticking out on the sides.

Remember to water your plants as needed and enjoy your space efficient garden!

Thank you for viewing my Instructable!

ljsdraper2 years ago
Where does the overflow of the water go? Into the material. Wouldn't this cause mold behind the planter hanging?
jakmoon2 years ago
Looks great!