Here's a great way to spruce up your necktie.. turn it into a vertical garden!

What you’ll need…

Thread, needle
Potting soil
Plastic bags
Metal hanger(s)
Felt swatches
Pieces of flair (buttons, pins, brooches, cuff links, etc.)
Plants (preferably succulents, since they need little water)

The best plants to use will be plants that don’t need much water and are pretty small. Succulents and air plants can work very well.

Step 1: Get Your Ties

Lay out the ties you’d like to pair together along metal hanger, and vary their lengths to give your hanging garden a undone look. You can either knot the ties around the wire hanger, or simply fold them over hanger’s bottom bar.
I can see this being used in an office setting. Perfect for cubicle gardening!!
Cool idea! Would be a great eye catcher for a bedroom.
one even easier way air plants!! they have cool flowers too
LOLOLOLOL AHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAAH <br><br>man 5 stars for this one!<br><br>no more having to go outside to get mint for tea! :P

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Bio: I love urban gardening
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