Step 9: Wanted: lots of plants!

Picture of Wanted: lots of plants!
I put extra plastic in the shelves to conserve the water from the rainfalls and held them in place using drawing pins.
So it was ready to put the first plants on. My mum did us a big favour by growing some spinach, cabbage and peas in her greenhouse and donating lots of pots that she didn't need. You can see how there is a lot of space for many plants and an open area at the bottom for bigger pots. If you don't have many plant pots, you can use plastic milk bottles or other big bottles and simply cut the tops off so the base is a pot. Make some holes in the bottom for drainage and Bob's your uncle. Those bags at the side in the photo 1 are full of bottles we'd collected over a few weeks.
It was appreciated by the women at the charity and I was happy to have designed and made it for almost no money. Now they can grow loads of things and maybe even start their own little market and sell them. :)