My office mate Chris G. and I wanted some hanging planters, but we wanted to be able to hang them higher than we could easily water them. So we made these counterweight balanced vertically adjustable hanging planters. Now we can easily reposition them based on our every whim!

Here is a vine of it: https://vine.co/v/hWDhp0tgw7Z

Step 1: Mounting Hardware

This is where the generous kind and all around cool facilities folks - the ones you have to ask if you want to, say, drill holes in your nice fancy new building, come in.  Not only was Kevin cool with it,  but Ryan and Cornelle actually mounted the 80/20 for us.

So: mount a rail of 80/20, or anything sufficient to carry the load, above where you want your planters. This is where you'll mount your pulleys. Set them up so each horizontal planter has:

1 pulley for each side
1 extra pulley on the side on which you plan to place your counterweight. This will become clearer in the next step....

You can use any pulley that will carry the load - but probably cheap pulleys, that add some friction, will work best. You want the planter to be able to move up and down, but not without friction. A nearly friction-free pulley would force you to adjust the counterweight whenever you changed the weight of the planter (i.e. after watering the plants). Some friction makes thing moveable, but not too easily, so they won't move on their own.
You have just given a great Idea for something similar I was trying to do :). Thank you so much. And those plants are pothos having dark foliage, you may not want to expose them to sunlight a lot, they tend to loose their color. <br>This looks beautiful
Awesome!! So happy this idea helps inspire other ones. <br>And thanks for the advice! There are bars outside of the window that folks say block about 50% of the light, so it's not as bright as it would be otherwise. But perhaps I will lower the shade more often, to keep them from getting too much sun. Do let me know when your idea gets born - I'd love to see it!
Sure. Thanks

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