Very Anoying Computer Prank





Introduction: Very Anoying Computer Prank

This is a simple yet very annoying computer prank.  It is best done in a computer lab or office were computers are close and people get distracted talking to each other. 

Step 1: Wait Patiently

Wait for your victim to start talking with somebody or get up from their computer.  Don't let them notice you going for their keyboard.

Step 2: Attack!

When they are distracted sneak over to their keyboard.  Hold down the "Windows" Key (a small flag between ctrl and alt).  While holding the windows key begin holding the "e" key.  My computer should start opening all over the place.  After about 3 seconds let go of the keys and sneak away.  It doesn't matter if they notice you getting away and it might even be a good idea to tap their shoulder as you leave.  After you let go the my computer windows will still come.  Eventually the will stop or it might say something telling you there is no room in the task bar. 

Step 3: Removal

There are a couple ways to remove this.  Of course you could close it manually with the "x" in the corner of each window but that takes a long time.  You could also use task manager to get rid of them but that also takes a long time.  The best method is to do the following:

1. right click on the task bar

2. click "properties"

3. go to the task bar tab and check "Group Similar Items"

4. the icons should be grouped on the task bar

5. right click the icon that says "Windows Explorer"

6. click close group

The computer remembers that you have the icons grouped so it will group the each time someone pulls the prank on you and you only need to do steps 5 and 6.

Step 4: Liability

I am not liable if you screw up you computer with this trick.  Have fun.  Don't use this on people who don't have a sense of humor.


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What is this supposed to do?

Works well with calculator shortcut on hotkey keyboards

That's Funny, i am so going to get someone with this in our computer lab. :)

tnice prank i'll try it

Alt + f4 works as well, nice prank. :D

That is realy GREAT! :D I love it. Friends afraid of me now =))