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If you already know the essentials of Batch the you DO NOT need to read this instructable continue to Not So Basic Batch Tutorial.

NOTE!: Whenever something is in quotation marks ("example"), do not include the quotation marks (if you see that you must just type: example)

Step 1: So, what is Batch

For those who don't know, a Batch file is a text file containing a series of commands to be executed by Command Prompt (CMD). When a batch file is run, CMD reads the file and executes its commands.

To open your CMD, click START > RUN > type "CMD" > OK
(some of you may need to type "CMD.EXE")
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MatthewF75 months ago

yes thank you fellow data traveller.ressspek.

bmlbytes6 years ago
Ahh! The evil GOTO command!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it go away! Try using this in school for a real programming language. The professor will tell you to just leave and never come back. GOTO is evil in all cases.

Well, the trouble is, MS script does not have the command structures that allow programmers to avoid the GOTO statement, such as the WHILE statement. Which I think is unconscionable, since the GOTO statement is indeed evil, and destroys the structure of your programs.

 It doesn't seem to work for m, I made a batch subsystem which is incomplete and it does not seem to work wah...

Then your professor should not be teaching programming. The goto command must not be over-used, but it stops your programs from being linear. That is very useful, as your professor doesn't realize.
NightRaven976 months ago

It says:

^CTerminate batch job? <Y/N>

...and it doesn't go to the top! :(

tabascow3 years ago
@ echo off
echo :press a key to go to ???
start www.instructables.com
RomanB1 tabascow10 months ago

Remove the second line as pause will already say press any key to go.

himanshu161 year ago

that's give big help

Regulators1 year ago

this is cool, but i made my own batch file, that allow you to download file from internet, just like download manager. please visit this instructables


thanks dude!

will4215 years ago
I learn my first batch stuff here and and looky me! I understand every command from TAT`s batch... file... mega... subsystem I think? Or is it just system? OH WELL!
sinxxx5 years ago
Mr. Qwack6 years ago
u dont need the @ in front of the echo if u type in echo off or echo on
 You do if you want a clean file. What I mean is that the command turning echo off will show up at the top. You don't want one code to show up and then have it be all clean, you either put the @ and make it all clean or forget that command and deal with the extra stuff.
redmaker6 years ago
coooooool i put color 4d
You like pink when your username is redmaker!??!?!??!?!??!??!
will421 will4216 years ago
Okay that is kinda cool....
no i hate pink but i didnt knolw wat to put so i radomly pressed 2 keys
comno6 years ago
Can you do this with programs or documents
comno6 years ago
Thank you much
Beverly58766 years ago
Batch is a new language for me. I'm still not sure what all it is or how far I'll get with it but, I do love a challenge and learning something new. In fact...I always did want to learn a new language. LOL Thanks.
Eirinn6 years ago
Thank you, just what i needed for some basic shortcut stuff!
Sejma (author)  HardCoreHacker7 years ago
ty man
altondoug7 years ago
I've been programming for a few years and I think its very informative for the newbies . Most of us won't take the time to explain the little stuff that we take for granted knowing..
Sejma (author)  altondoug7 years ago
NMice to hear some positive feedback, thanks :)