Introduction: Very Berry Blizzard

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Hot days?? Cool down with this frozen berry sensation!

This creamy crunchy treat is a fav. in our house :)

Step 1: Ingredients and Method

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40 oreos (or any other cream filled chocolate cookies you prefer, but oreos is available at almost every stores)

1/2 c butter/margarine/shortening butter flavor, melted

1 block of cream cheese (the low fat is also fine to use), room temperature

3 tbsp sugar

2 containers (6 oz each) of vanilla yogurt (low fat is fine as well, best if you use strawberry yogurt or blackberry yogurt)

1 cup quartered strawberries, pureed

1 container of ready to use frozen whipped topping if available, if not, make your own whipped cream (recipe follows)

Crush oreos in food processor and combine with melted butter. Press on bottom and side of a spring form pan (8 inch).

Beat cream cheese and sugar for at least a minute, then beat in yogurt. Stir in pureed strawberries.

Fold in 2 c of whipped cream and spoon/pour mixture into crust. Freeze for at least 2 H

Before serving, fold/pipe stabilized whipped cream (recipe follows) on top and decorate with fresh berries.

Whipped Cream

1 envelope of dream whip, prepare per box instruction, makes 2 cups

Stabilized Whipped Cream

1 envelope of dream whip, prepare per box and adding 1 pouch vanilla sugar plus 1 pouch whip it (or you can use gelatin to stabilize it - require softening).

Step 2: Enjoy~

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My niece insisted we added blackberry as decoration lol


amberrayh (author)2015-07-30

This looks so good! Thank you for sharing the recipe.

klinong (author)amberrayh2015-08-04

you are welcome!

Coolloom (author)2015-07-31


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