Very Cool Bar Trick !!


Introduction: Very Cool Bar Trick !!

Very Cool Bar Trick. Stack a business card, a cigarette and a coin on a glass. Now remove only the business card and the cigarette so that the coin falls into the glass. This is a very cool bar trick. You can perform the bar trick with simple objects that you can find in any bar. The Bar Trick seems impossible and that is why it is so cool. You can find more bar tricks at We have a huge collection of Bar tricks. You can find this bar trick at All the bar tricks are free and presented in video. Very Cool Bar Trick.



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    and that is suposed to be good?

    awww man im still a kid i cant buy ciggerates so i cant do the trick

    1 reply

    just do it without it

    Have you ever tried the 'ship in the bottle' trick?'s a little harder to do with a cigarette tho...I have 'the cigarette in the glass' trick down perfectly...(Good show tho really...)

    that'll get the ladies. *rolls eyes*

    Nice job! You're posting a lot of cool videos, keep it up!