Picture of Very Cool Mini Disposable Razor Tri-pod for your camera!
 Here is a quick and easy project you can make in about an hour or two...maybe less! Best of all, most of these materials are easily found around the house or garage waiting to be reused!

  I made this tri-pod for our digital camera and I'll show you how to make your own in several easy steps...and seeing how most disposable razors have pivoting heads this means your "razor tri-pod" will have adjustable legs for un-even surfaces or adjusting camera angles.

 This instructable is entered in the "Reuse Contest" & the "Photography Contest"....vote if you enjoyed.  :)

PLEASE NOTE: This tri-pod is suited for small, pocket sized digital cameras. I wouldn't use this mini tri-pod for large expensive SLR cameras!


Basic Materials :

* 3 Disposable Razors - Rubber type handles work best as they grip surfaces better (New or Used it doesn't matter)

* Gorilla Glue & Hot Glue (or other adhesive of your preference)

* 1/4" Bolt that is about 1 /12" long

* Small scrap piece of 1/2" wood (I used a scrap piece of plywood)

* Various washers and spacers I had in a junk box for area between camera and wooden base

Tools :

* Power Drill with 1/4 wood drill bit & 1/2" Bore Bit (someone correct me if this is not the proper name and I will fix it)

* Jig saw with wood cutting blade

Ok, go ahead and get all your materials ready....
ccooper212 years ago
Great way to recycle! Cool idea.
techhobbit2 years ago
Looks good!
Those would look good, and be functional on a hexapod....
Hmmm... how about putting a few servos and some control in there and... you have an RC or autonomous camera stand!

Nice job jawasan.
jawasan (author)  techhobbit2 years ago
Cool idea techhobbit....but servos and stuff...? YIKES!! Beyond my skills, I have yet to get into the electronic side of things yet. One day though!!
jawasan (author) 2 years ago
Thanks again. Also entered in the "reuse it" contest....figured it fits the guidelines...the razors were used!! :D
mygibzone2 years ago
SWEET!!! What a creative & useful idea!
Lowriderpr2 years ago
Nice Job!
poofrabbit2 years ago
Nifty idea, very clever!
jawasan (author)  poofrabbit2 years ago
Thanks. Now I just have to figure out something for all these nifty "vibrating razor" Gillette handles I have accumilated. I've never been crazy about shaving with something that vibrates!!! lol
Vibrating fighting robots!!
ynze jawasan2 years ago
Vibrotripod! Imagine the pictures you get with a autonomous moving tripod, like a bristlebot. Did you try to make a tripod out of vibrating razors?
jawasan (author)  ynze2 years ago
I thought about it! haha
...but I couldn't really find the reasons for a vibrating tri-pod...I suppose for fun. :D
ynze jawasan2 years ago
Remember "action painting" in the 1960's? Maybe you'll open a new era of "action photography": mount a camera on a vibrotripd, set shuttertime to 2 secs or so and go :-)
jawasan (author)  ynze2 years ago
Hmmm.....Might have to give it a whirl.
Rodro2262 years ago
PeckLauros2 years ago
ajoyraman2 years ago
Very innovative !
bertus52x112 years ago
flyingpuppy2 years ago
Now, THAT'S clever!
Mrballeng2 years ago
Very clever. Great idea.
jawasan (author)  Mrballeng2 years ago
I am looking everyday for another cool project from ya' Mrballeng!....and thanks for stopping in. :)
ceanes2 years ago
So clever, nice job
Hairy nice! Do I really want to say this?
good job
seotic2 years ago
Hah, jsut nice!!