Introduction: Very Easy: Cheap Tool Cabinet

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Salvage an old desk, turn it into a cheap tool cabinet

How-to-make a tool cabinet out of an old desk.


An old desk.
Some screws
Some nails
A pencil

Step 1: De-assebly

Take an old desk (the one you used to do your homework on)
It works best with the simple desk type where you have one cabinet
on each side with a sheet of plywood or MDF on top.

Step 2: Assembly

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As said.. this one is very simple..

Put the two cabinets on top of each other.
Screw the sheet of plywood that used to be on top on the side.


Step 3: Final

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Drive some nails into the side to put your quick tools on.
Put heavy tools in the bottom cabinet.
The drawers can be used for specialist tools which you don't use often.

Outline the tools on the side for easy usage....



darlajanette (author)2011-12-12

Love it.

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