Very Easy Hovercraft!!!





Introduction: Very Easy Hovercraft!!!

This will teach you how to make your very own hovercraft!!!

Step 1: Make the Base.

Cut out a circle of cardboard and punch a hole in the middle.

Step 2: Make the Mount.

Use hot glue to glue a wooden or plastic spool(I reccommend wooden)over the hole. Make sure you don't glue over the hole.

Step 3: Attach Balloon

Blow up and a regular baloon and stretch it over the spool mount.

Step 4: Fly It!!!

Let go of the baloon and give it a few bumps. It will hover slightly and glide easily!!!



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good but where do i get the stuff?

if you have a fan you can put it on the floor and race these!

hah, this is great. i'll put a very unstable bomb on it hah, flying mines lol!!!

cool sounds good havent tried it yet

ya I like CDs and bottle caps.

or just use a cd

As well as not gluing over the hole, it is vital not to let any glue go through the hole, as the gap 'twixt card and table is tiny. The smallest blob of glue on the underside will trap the whole thing on the spot.