This will teach you how to make your very own hovercraft!!!

Step 1: Make the Base.

Cut out a circle of cardboard and punch a hole in the middle.

Step 2: Make the Mount.

Use hot glue to glue a wooden or plastic spool(I reccommend wooden)over the hole. Make sure you don't glue over the hole.

Step 3: Attach Balloon

Blow up and a regular baloon and stretch it over the spool mount.

Step 4: Fly It!!!

Let go of the baloon and give it a few bumps. It will hover slightly and glide easily!!!
good but where do i get the stuff? <br>
if you have a fan you can put it on the floor and race these!
hah, this is great. i'll put a very unstable bomb on it hah, flying mines lol!!!
yea me too
qui merda!!!
cool sounds good havent tried it yet
ya I like CDs and bottle caps.
or just use a cd
As well as not gluing over the hole, it is vital not to let any glue go <em>through</em> the hole, as the gap 'twixt card and table is tiny. The smallest blob of glue on the underside will trap the whole thing on the spot.<br/>
You can also use CD's ;)<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/ER09EB9MCPEP2866CN/">https://www.instructables.com/id/ER09EB9MCPEP2866CN/</a><br/>
ya, I like CDs better, they don't get all soggy after awhile.

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