Step 4: Keeping the Wildlife at Bay

It didn't take long for my dogs to find my garden interesting and start digging for treasures.
I used what I could find to make a fence, which included; some bent/ broken tomato cages that my dad used a season or two ago, some thin bamboo stakes also from my dads garden, a piece of chicken wire type stuff once again jacked from my dad, and some salvaged sign legs (see pic).

Just do what you can with what you have.
I used a combo of old tomato cages and salvaged sign legs to support the tomato plants my mom gave me. I also bent any metal from the cages and sign legs toward the forest to keep eyes and what-not safe.
This instructable is very well written and the topic is wonderful. However, you could use fewer redundant pictures, as it can be confusing looking through such large numbers to find a referenced photo.<br><br>Nevertheless, your ideas are awessome, so I hope you make more instructables.<br><br>P.S: your dogs are super-cool.

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