Introduction: Very Powerful Knex Hand Gun (UPGRADE)

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This is not a copy of k'nex gunman's gun. it's an upgrade. It's even more powerful and accurate, New handle design and much easier to pull the firing pin back! And the trigger automatically clicks into place when you pull back the firing pin! It fires red and gray rods but i recommend Red rods because its lighter and flies much further than gray rods. And this is my first instructable.

Step 1: Build the Handle

Picture of Build the Handle

The handle is a much better handle the original one.

6 Green Connectors
11 White Rods
2 Light Gray Connectors
3 Blue Spacers

Step 2: Firing Pin

Picture of Firing Pin

The firing pin should have some tape on it or it will break off.

1 yellow rod
1 orange connector
1 blue rod
1 blue spacer
some tape
A Sharpener

Step 3: The Barrel

Picture of The Barrel

This is the most important part of the gun!

5 Light Grey Connectors
1 Ball joint Connector (Female)
3 Grey Connectors
2 yellow rods
1 "Y" Shape connectors
1 green rod
1 orange connectors

Step 4: Sniper Mount

Picture of Sniper Mount

The Sniper Mount is for top accuracy. it is not needed but recommended for much better accuracy.

4 Green connectors
4 blue spacers
4 orange connectors
4 white rods

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together

In this step you will put everything together!

Step 6: Elastic Bands

Picture of Elastic Bands

You should use 2 very strong rubber bands but you can use normal ones and there is one another normal elastic band so that the trigger automatically click into place when you pull back the firing pin.

Step 7: Bullets and How to Load and Fire

Picture of Bullets and How to Load and Fire

You can use red or gray rods to fire but i would choose a red rod because it is lighter and flies much faster and longer than a gray rod. To load simply pull back the firing pin until the trigger locks in place and insert a red or gray rod until it clicks into the ball joint and pull the trigger and ... FIRE!


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sorry but it is rubbish

i agree

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haha no neo1 ur actually have to comment the instructables nice instructable could be way better (1st comment)!!!ha!how do ya like them apples?

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then mine is second comment nice gun!

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hehe third!!! next time post a gun that you made entirely on your own, not an upgrade.

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apples you say? any chance would they be...well...bad?

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damn right

ultimachris (author)2007-11-16

it is good but mine snapped in half on my 3rd shot LOL.

yourface (author)2007-11-04

Ow my thumb lol

yourface (author)2007-11-04

Ow my thumb

knex gunman (author)2007-09-08

this sia good instructable by i found out through a buch of tests that yellow rods are the best the go alot farther than red. they red rods are better for biger guns

Mad Cat (author)2007-07-27

OMG, so many guns all of a sudden, I'm losing track of them.

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