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Hi everyone thank you for viewing my instructable. This is my very first instructable so it may not be as good as a normal instructable by somebody else.
~EDIT~ This gun reached 4.36 within the first week.
Here is what you will be building:

Step 1: The Outside of the Gun

Picture of The Outside of the Gun

This is the outside of the gun which is what you are building in a few seconds. Go get working!
DO NOT CONNECT these two pieces.

Step 2: The Inner K'nex Parts.

Picture of The Inner K'nex Parts.

Build all these minture "trinkets" that make the gun work!
The last two pictures are the same thing!

Step 3: Assembly!

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beanieostrich (author)2011-04-02

That is a good job for a first gun. I can see you making good guns in the future. 5* and a =D

Thank you.

No problem =D

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-05-11

built it!

Nice how do you like it

77l6It's great! It has a lot of power and is well balanced!Thanks for posting!

I'm glad you like it!!!!!! What's the range

Well with two rubber bands it gets 30-40 feet with white rods. I also added a stock, a bipod, a fake bullpup mag, a priming bolt, and a scope... I am going to turn it into an assault rifle!-if that's alright with you...

Dang you changed it a lot =D im perfectly fine with you moding it, just don't forget to give me credit= D

77l6It's great! It has a lot of power and is well balanced!Thanks for posting!

nerfrocketeer (author)2013-05-11

This looks cool! What's the range?

It all depends but I myself got 30-35ft

shoobygooby (author)2012-02-02

what does this even shoot?

whatever you put in it

Like BBs!

The cameraman (author)2012-05-14

O M G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the only problem is the firing piston that shoots the projectile becomes the projectile!!!

Then you have to many rubberbans on or din not make the pen correctly

TheKillaIsHere (author)2011-11-10


TheKnotTier (author)2011-11-03

i modded it, i fixed the weak part at the top right corner of the gun. I also wade it a top loader
its pretty cool
i would post a pic but my camera is a bitch sooooo....

lemonie (author)2011-10-13

"The iinvisible box whoever can read this pm me the words u r awesome"

TheAwesomestDude (author)lemonie2011-10-15

you didnt pm me

lemonie (author)TheAwesomestDude2011-10-16

It was being difficult with me (the site), sorry.


TheAwesomestDude (author)lemonie2011-10-17

its ok

JesusChrist101 (author)2011-09-06

how do u shoot it????

pull back the ramrod and load it with greens then pull the trigger

dr. richtofen (author)2011-08-17

i can read the inner box: The iinvisible box whoever can read this pm me the words u r awesome


i the yellow boxes, click right, then the lowest option You should see a window with lots of text, then press delete and close the window

TheKnotTier (author)2011-04-28

finally a GOOD knex gun that doesn't take 5 billion green rods. good job 4.5*

Thanks i made a pretty cool 'ible and it almost costs NO money! it shoots pennies up to 75 feet! check it out at the link above.

Good instructable but you need to add a step to show how to shoot it.

i did edit it once i saw that comment

jmm72 (author)2011-04-20

Keep on building and great trigger. 4*

TheAwesomestDude (author)jmm722011-04-21

thank you

DJ Radio (author)2011-04-02

So I'm guessing you didn't look at my Blueprint pistol to get an idea on how to make a good single shot?

No i did not. I havent even heard of you untill now.

Typical of a new knexer.

~KGB~ (author)2011-04-03


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