Very Simple 3.5mm Jack Fm Aerial





Introduction: Very Simple 3.5mm Jack Fm Aerial

for this very simple project you need a smart phone or a ordinary phone with 3.5 mm jack, two small metal rods, an Insulation Tape,scissors , 3.5 mm jack either from an old head set or buy a new one for aerial

Step 1: Take the Aerial and Remove the Back Cap As Seen in the Picture

Step 2: Then Take the 3.5mm Jack and Cut for the Suitable Length and Fix a Normal Size Copper Wire As Seen in Picture.Find the Most Signal Accepting Wire and Add the Wire

Step 3: Then Insert the Wire Into the Areal and Fix It With Tape

while you insert the wire into the aerial be careful that to place the small metal rods on the sides of the Jack to supply more strength to it

Step 4: Add Some Tape

it is better to add some tape before fixing the metal rods on the sides

Step 5: Add Metal Rods

wind the tape tightly

Step 6: Then Connect It to Your Phone and Turn on the FM Radio and Enjoy the Music



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