hello freinds,my name is deepesh#adam.we are going to make very simple tesla coil which can be operated by a 9v battery .this is my first instructables so if i made any mistake then let me know

Step 1: Gathering the Material

1. copper or magnetic wire
2.small diametre pcb pipe or any round pipe on which you can coil the wire it can be of any material other than iron
3.transistor 2n2222a
4.22kilo ohm resistence
5. 9v battery and its cap
6. a switch
7.a base
8.some wires
9.soldering equipments

Step 2: Making the Coil

take the pcb pipe approximate 10 to 15 cm of height now round the copper wire on it and start coiling and tape the both ends so it does not uncoil by itself . Now you have got a coil with two ends

Step 3: Joining With Transistor

now fix your coil at the middle of the base.now dont forget to burn off or to scrape of the insulation from the endS of the coil. take a transistor and solder the lower wire of the coil to the base pin of the transistor and also solder one end of the 22 k ohm resistence to the base pin

Step 4: Adding the Switch

now solder the other end of the resistance to the one point of switch you can also use a spdt switch

Step 5: Adding the Secondary Coil

take a peice of wire and coil it around the primary coil thrices. now you get two ends of that wire and solder one end of the wire to the collector of the transistor and the other end to the switch with the resistence

Step 6: Adding Power Supply

Solder the positive end of the battery cap which is red wire to the another point on the switch and negative end which is black wire to the emmiter of the transistor.NOW IT IS READY

Step 7: Testing

to test take a low watt cfl or a 6w to 8w flourocent lamp often called a tubelight .install a battery ,turn on the switch and bring it near it you will see that it will glow without any connection between them

Step 8: How It Works

as we know that a tranststor is used for rapidly switvhing the circut . in the primary coil positive current is flowing and in the secondary coil negative current is flowing and due to the potential difference between the the air around it get ionised and gains properties of electromagnetism and then the transistor switch off the circut this is repeated thousand times a second and when the circut is switvhed off ac voltage is induced and as a tubelight is filled with arogon and argon has a ptoperty that when current is passed through it ,it glows.now a question is arriving that how dc is converted into ac and and producing 8w.?acctualy ac is alternatig current so when circut is switched off flucchuatins occur and dc flow get breaks and ac current is produced and this circut is also a step up voltage converter ,a joule theif circut which regulates voltage

at first i was not willing to post it but then i realized that knowledge should be passed on
if you have any problem or question or yours is not working then let me know
thanks for reading
Hey,bro we made the tesla coil with<br>2222A transistor <br>27 k resistor <br>9v battery<br>On the top of the equipment we use a table tennis ball... But the cfl bulb cant glow...please what must be the capacity pf the bulb ?? Is a metal ball is necessary for this experiment???
No its not necessary but its mainly used to increse tge surface area and i would be better to use a conducive sorvace on top with a large area. . . . . . You must have been seen in your tesla that sometimes it takes time and switching different angles to make your cfl glow but if you used foil as i had used it will glow in first attempt
<p>Hello,</p><p>I finished the coil using almost the same steps. </p><p>I used a BD135 transistor, 9V battery, 6 turns primary coil, 2000 turns secondary.</p><p>There is no spark, but it successfully lights lamps. There is though a small problem. When<br> I approach a lamp to the coil, the lamp lights but if I leave it there <br>the lighting lasts only for 120 seconds and then fades away.</p><p>I have to close the circuit for some time and open it again to make it light again.</p><p>Can you help me with this problem?</p><p>Thanks for your help</p>
<p>Cool project. How big are the sparks it makes?</p>
<p>non</p><p>this looks more like a high power rf generator</p><p>you need way more power then a 9V battery to make arcs</p>
haha ive seen some flyback transformer designs that would surprise you. you might be right about this circuit tho
<p>erm flybacks are not the same as a air transformer<br>flybacks are way more efficient</p>

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