Step 4: Extra Info

The plastic tips of a shoelace makes the easiest dart, but do not throw away the rest of the shoelace... with a little duct tape, you can create a vast arsenal of darts from a single shoelace. Cut the remaining shoelace into 1.5 inch segments (or just a bit longer than the pin to be used). Take a short piece of duct tape - about half an inch wide and a couple inches long (or roughly 1.5 x 5 cm). Wrap the duct tape tightly around one end of the shoelace segment. Trim the duct tape tip to about half the length of the pin. Follow step 1 to fluff out the shoelace and then insert the pin through the duct tape tip.
Ideally, the dart should fit snug in the tube. Too loose and the dart will not shoot with much velocity. Too tight and you'll go blue in the face trying to blow the dart out. A nice snug fit will ensure the best performance of your simple blow gun. Enjoy!
a really good one to is https://www.instructables.com/id/Bic-Pen-Blow-Gun/
I can't seem to get the pin through the aglet. I push it as hard as possible, but it's really stuck and I can't get it through. Any suggestions?
nibble the end to weaken it, i do it every time i make a dart
one question, how long are your needles? other than that great Instructable!
ive been in martial arts for years and i came across this looking to build a cheap blowgun for ninja equipment. it is better than anything i can come up with! you can practically make this while on the go..and it has enough power to pirece walls! a pen and a shoelace you already have with you...if you have a needle your good. forcing the needle through was the only tough part. i modified the tube though, i broke down a lamp and put a bb loader as a mouthpiece... best weapon ive got!
 I'm glad you found this useful... and I like the sound of your modifications!
i did not know this until a few days ago but the plastic part of a shoelace is called an "aglet". cool instructable!

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