Picture of Very Simple Kite
Easy to fly and easy to build, I don't think it's possible to make a simpler kite than this! 

Watch as your kite performs exciting aerial manoeuvres and darts through the air with an agility rivalling that of the most acrobatic bird!

Step 1: Gather Materials

Picture of Gather Materials
You will need:
- A rectangular piece of paper - A4 is good. Feel free to decorate it, either now or in step two.
- String - I used jute string in this example, but a reel of cotton works well too
- Something to make a hole in paper with - I used a hole punch, but feel free to improvise with a pen, a stick or whatever you have on hand

Optional extras:
- Sticky tape
- Decorations for paper - but don't weigh it down too much!
- A pen, pencil, stick or similarly shaped object
- A functional stapler and staples
JessD111 months ago

Haven't tested it yet, but it was super easy to make! Took me 2 minutes, literally! :) Awesome idea!!

008906 JessD12 days ago

Me too it looks fun

JessD111 months ago

Haven't tested it yet, but it was definitely super easy to make! Took me 2 minutes!

JessD111 months ago

Sounds so easy! I'm sure all little kids would love it! For those people wanting a bigger kite, maybe you could just get a large piece of thin cardboard!?

how far is it in the air in those photos?
Verdantic (author)  That One Eegit4 years ago
About a metre and a half, I think. It tends to hover between about half a metre and two metres off the ground. It depends on where you attach the string in step five, but I couldn't tell you the optimum. It also stays higher in a lighter breeze. It does have a peculiar manner of flight compared to a more typical kite.

I've yet to test this kite fully, but I've seen another vid that suggests clipping at 2.5 inches and making the hole for the line at 5 inches (another 2.5 inches from the nose:).. I've yet to test this fully, remember the line or string has weight to it as well..
I'd be tempted to put a light tail on it as well for stability. The pull seems to work OK. Most kites would fly well in winds between 7 to 12 mph depending on size and surroundings. Gusts or steady breeze also adds another factor.

leonroode1 year ago
love this idea so simple
phawley21 year ago

it looks cool

giovannire1 year ago
Thank a lot, very nice and simple project
thatdude5442 years ago
thanks! i really like this! :)
aaronXtreme2 years ago
this is to simple, yet cool!
GainEnergy3 years ago
My kids used to love making their own kites, however they usually don't fly well. Will definitely share this with my kids. Thanks for sharing!
ncoleman23 years ago
I made one of these and attached it to the back of my R/C car, and was sweet! Nice Instructable!
xXLab_ManXx4 years ago
oo la la
ynze4 years ago
I used your kite as a sort of "boot camp kite" with a class of 10-11 year old kids, a couple of weeks ago. It's really a great little kite. Kids can make it in five minutes, and then spent hours on tweaking and decorating! See the pics...
Verdantic (author)  ynze4 years ago
Thank you so much for sharing! You made my day :D
useraaaaa4 years ago
Swords4 years ago
lol has this been used in a high wind area?
Verdantic (author)  Swords4 years ago
I took one to the beach for this 'ible, but it doesn't generally like really high winds, it tends to just sit near the ground and doesn't zoom around much. More of a kite for breezes, I think. You could always give it a go anyway!
Kiteman4 years ago
Impressive - I've never been able to make one of these fly without a tail.

Verdantic (author)  Kiteman4 years ago
I was so surprised when it worked the first time I made one for that very reason. It doesn't fly quite like a regular kite, it tends to just go further away rather than up when you let out line. It's still pretty exciting though!