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to begin, this is for beginners. I myself am one. It is very simple. It is pretty much just a red LED and 2 AAA batteries. The batteries are inside a battery case. The battery case is on the bottom of the Altoids tin (not actually an Altoids tin, but something alot like it.) The LED sticks through a hole drilled through the side, and the cords from the battery case go into the Altoids tin through 2 tiny holes drilled in the side. There was a resistor already attatched to the LED. A simple button protrudes from the top, and heat shrink plastic is used to complete the circuit.


Higgs Boson (author)2012-01-15

try it with 9v it is very dim with just 3v,

georion (author)2012-01-01


freeza36 (author)georion2012-01-02

I believe i mentioned i know NOTHING in electronics

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