Perfect Solution - New Clipless Trick (Never Seen Before)





Introduction: Perfect Solution - New Clipless Trick (Never Seen Before)

With This Latest Office Solution, you can save some money and time, I show to how to do it without using any tool, as easy as ABC, be a smarter at work.

Reason for not using stapler.

1) Difficult to remove
2) It will jam your photocopy machine
3) danger to remove with finger
4) cost money

How to do:

1) Make a triangle at the conner
2) tear a square
3) press it down and done



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I hate to be spiteful, but every kid knows this trick... you actually thought it required a video tutorial? What's next, a 12-step tutorial on the intricacies of making an ice cube?

I was thinking the same - 4th/5th grade maybe?

I did a research and didn't find the same...maybe I I am to new to this trick...LOL

No offence meant but most people find this trick by themselves :P

Please make a video on how to fill ice cube trays...Please...Please!

it's called the college staple

Yeah, I used this one a lot when I first learned it more than 45 years ago, from someone who probably learned it 30 years earlier. One thing I learned way back then is that the fasten is more secure if the tears spread slightly apart as they go farther from the fold. Folding the tear in the opposite direction of the first fold might also be more secure, but I was never able to prove that one way or the other. After a while I got tired of tearing up all my papers, though I'll still use this in a pinch. I've seen others do it with a single tear, which damages the papers less, but doesn't hold as well.

Thats worthless (0.5 rating) you still tear the paper.

cool stuff but we have to tear the paper.