I have seen many instructables about guitar hangers, but most of them require some materials and tools, which you may not have. So, I'd wanted to show you how to make a really cheap guitar hanger, without wood cutting and drilling skills. Good thing about this one is that you can hang your guitar anywhere you would like, on a doors, edges and stuff like that. All you need is a bendable foam clothes hanger. They are very crappy for their main function and cost less than 1$.
 I want to warn you that this hanger is not a good analogue of a real one, purchased from a shop. There is some risk that your guitar may fall on the ground any moment. But mine guitars are hanging perfectly and i have saved some money.
Tools you will need for this mini project are cutter and pliers.

Step 1: Measuring

Take the hanger and remove the hook and two plastic things from the sides. Then measure about 2/3 of the hanger and cut it.

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