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Introduction: $1 Magnet-money-moneyclip

As a European I have to admit, that I envy your $.banknotes. Really. If you were in Europe after the launch of the Euro you will agrre with that. There is no 1-Euro-banknote. Thats why we don't have money clips but instead have the consideration of sometimes up to $20 in coins. Yes, in coins. Maybe we should reintroduce the moneybag like the sheriff of Nottingham has one in the cute Disney Picture.

But in defiance of my enviousness I will not deprive you of this cheap and fancy money clip.

Disclaimer 1 (Thanks to Belcher1035): Using this money clip to carry credit cards is a bad idea, because the magnets used in this instructable will harm or even destroy them.

Disclaimer 2: try444 wrote me the following:
"What? No credit? Was it in fact a coincindence?





You should at least make mention of Scott Amron's design that was published a week prior to be fair instead of passing it off as your own."

My answer:
"fair instead of passing it off as my own" ???

But it was my own. Maybe later than Scott Amron. But this not-cool-ado is annoying. I know you got the best motives, but I also got those with the money clip, I thought of. […] Maybe I unpublish this instructable and this seesaw has an end. I got enough other ideas for instructables, I don't need this stuff.

P.S.: I am here in Germany, I know this is not such strong argument but I don't read at least one of the sites you listed.

Step 1: Supplies:

You will need:

  • a banknote (for the clip)
  • many banknotes (to clip)
  • then indispensible duct tape
  • square neodymium magnets (2 to 4, deppend on size)
  • super glue (this is optional)

Step 2: 3 Things to Do

First of all get the note you decided to be your money clip.
Attach the magnets onto the edges of the note on the side you want to be the inner side of your money clip. You can fix them additionally with the super glue. Now fix each of the magnets with a piece of duct tape.
Thats it.

Step 3: Clip Your Money and Go.

Now get a bunch of banknotes and clip them.
Have fun with your new minimalistic money clip.



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    Hey try4444, you're awesome but joejoerowley told me that already. I cite Amron's work although I think it will only make more people think, I just copied. Maybe I will unpublish this damn instructable.

    Hm. I am not sure about what to do with this, how to deal with this right now. I didn't know about the guy. It seems he uses two metal plates to hold the money together and to make a stabilized money clip. That is nice but unnecessarily. I think I will let the instructable published because of the fact, that everyone can see the way this money clip will work and the steel plates are the other guys unique feature. But let me make one thing clear: The "original" you posted is NOT my source. Otherwise I would have cited it or probably would not have made this instructable.

    Sorry for the confusion. It just seems like a very interesting coincidence considering it was featured on many prominent blogs very recently. Don't mean to be rude. I'm sorry. No hard feelings, OK? Thanks Joe

    No problem. I googled it and there are really many posts on this money clip. I would have thought the same.

    with the value of the dollar you could have used real money :P

    2 replies

    But I did not have a US-Dollar note. I'm not living in the US and didn't want to change some EUR into USD just for the instructable.

    ooohhhhh i thought you were in us lol sorry

    You should probably add a disclaimer about why using this money clip to carry credit cards is a bad idea.

    4 replies

    No, On mythbusters they proved that it is very difficult to actually damage credit cards with small magnets.

    Also with neodymium magnets?

    Yeah, it took a very large hockey puck sized neodymium magnet to demagnetize it. I guess if swiped your cards magnetic band directly over the magnets 1000's of times it is possible but I highly doubt it.

    Yes, I will add one. Thanks.

    Has it come to this? Is the US dollar so devalued that Europeans can glue magnets to $100 bills and using them as money clips? What a sorry state of affairs. Unless you're being ironic, then it's pretty funny. :-)

    2 replies

    Its fake money. Yes, over here we use 100s as toilet paper. (just kidding)

    Yes, fake money. I got no dollar bills right now. and did not want you to be confused by freaky colored European money, ;)