Yes this is the Nickelodeon invader ZIM series GIR.

You will need:
Sewing machine
Black fabric
Thread (black)
Sewing machine
Green sweatshirt
Halloween make-up
A mirror
A piece of cardboard

Sorry I could not put everything in the picture.

Step 1: The Ears

Things you will need for this step:
Sewing machine
Black fabric

Fold in-half a piece of black fabric (WARNING: make sure you fold it so the ugly side is facing out. Fold it pretty side to pretty side!) and then sew the long side down (WARNING: Make sure the fabric is the right size for your ear's). Now turn the ear inside out. Once you have 2 like this stuff them with your stuffing, stuff them very full so that they stick up when you sew them onto the hood of your sweater.

I didn't have a sweater I am just using a green shirt so I don't have a hood to sew them onto, sorry. The last step explains.
<p>good but i found one in stores for my fall dance</p>
This costume looks like it will bring you to your DOOMY DOOM DOOM DOOM!! :) to bad I found this after Halloween but will keep in mind for the coming year :)
One year NickToons ran &quot;The Most Horrible Xmas Ever&quot; every night one December, and that's where we learned the ways of Zim (and my wife became a fan of GIR). Great costume!
Lol thank you
Your costume is cute! I looked it up, but I'm not sure if I understand; what is a GIR?
Its not 'a gir' its just 'gir'. there is a TV show called invader zim and gir is zims minion he is very funny and loved by many. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Invader_Zim
Ha, that's cool! Awesome costume!

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